Some opposition to Greene County brewing project plan

Site of proposed brewery (Google map)
From Hudson Valley 360.com
[Some Greene County residents of] Lexington and West Kill were left with a bad taste in their mouths when they heard about a proposal by a resident to build a brewing facility in town.

The residents brought their concerns about the potential of increased traffic and disruption to the quality of life to the Lexington Planning Board during its monthly meeting Tuesday.

Greenport Beer & Ale Company founder Ed Raven discussed his proposed design and buildout for a 9,000-square-foot single story barn and brewing facility with an area for dining and an outdoor biergarden at the planning committee’s June meeting, according to the proposal.

The location would be 106 Spruceton Road. The barn would be built on Raven’s property and would also serve as a production facility for his beverages to be produced wholesale, Raven said. Greenport’s beverages will be available for sale at retail stores in New York City and possibly in the Hudson Valley. It would be expensive to build a brewery in New York City, Raven said, so building in West Kill was ideal because he already owns land in town.

“There’s a lot of issues we have to address before we break ground,” Raven said. “The emphasis of this location is not to be a big retail outlet.”
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