NYS brewery count nearing pre-Prohibiton level

Today's beer quiz: How many craft beer producers are licensed in New York State -- 227, 326, 419 or 502?

The New York State Brewers Association (NYSBA) this week released the latest official count of 326, which means the industry has topped the 300 mark for the first time since Prohibition and appears headed for the pre-Prohibition high mark of 350.

The growth in regional breweries adds to a $4 billion economic impact in the state, ranking it fourth highest in the country.

With so many breweries across the state, keeping track of them can be a bit of a chore. Later this month, the NYSBA will debut its first iOS/Android app designed to be a one-stop mobile location for New York breweries and beers. Among its features will be a rewards-based "Passport" program, brewery locations by region, label scanning, suggested brewery tours, beer lists, and style guides.

The Passport program allows users to “stamp” their passport when they visit breweries while incrementally earning rewards such as brewery discounts, gear, and plaques. I'll pass along the details when they are available.
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