Experimental dry hopped beers at Helderberg Incubator

Helderberg Brewery has just released a series of dry hopped beers in collaboration with Stonewood Hops of Lagrangeville, Dutchess County.

Ron Spadafora, Stonewood’s owner-operator, is exploring different techniques for processing whole hop cones grown on his farm, according to the Helderberg Brewery Incubator, an arm of the Carey Institute for Global Good in the Helderberg Mountains community of Rensselaerville.

Spadafora "came to the incubator to compare his method with commercially-processed hops. Working with brewer Greg Hostash, Ron set up four different dry hop tests, comparing two varieties of hops. Flights of the resulting beers were served in [our] tap room [on December 9] and will continue to be available for customers to test and give feedback."

Spadafora is the second participant in the brewery incubator. The first, Damian Wolos, developed a Mexican lager recipe using New York-grown ingredients earlier this year.

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