Tempers flare over Genesee Brewing project

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ROCHESTER -- A group of Genesee Brewing Co. executives, labor leaders and city officials stood in November inside a partly boarded-up industrial building, saying that by April it would be home to a $2.6 million combination microbrewery, restaurant, visitor center and gift shop.

That scuffed building remains in the same state four months later. And Genesee’s owner, North American Breweries, is saying it may pull the plug on its plans.

" 'Threatening' is not the right word," North American Breweries CEO Rich Lozyniak said Thursday during a news conference, a day after Rochester’s Preservation Board voted to nominate 13 Cataract St. for landmark designation. North American’s brewery plans include demolition of 13 Cataract.

"We want to do this really badly," Lozyniak said, "but if we’re going to spend the next year in court, two years in court, we have much better opportunities within our company to invest."

The Preservation Board decision was made without discussion. But afterward, the board said the century-old Cataract building fits the criteria for landmark consideration.

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