Hefty pre-release discount on my whiskey book

My new book, "Barrels & Drams: The History of Whisk(e)y In Jiggers and Shots," is coming out in September.

The retail price then will be $18.95, but you can get a hefty 32% pre-release discount from Amazon.com by going here ASAP.

I selected and edited all the pieces in the anthology, contributing several pieces of my own as well. Many of the original illustrations done for the book are based on photos I took during my whiskey-related travels.

The book covers the giants of the whiskey industry (such as George Smith, Jim Beam and Jack Daniel), scenes from Prohibition, whiskey-making in such diverse spots as Scotland, Ireland, the U.S., South Africa, India and Japan, stories on the effects whiskey-making had on the development of several nations, and much more.

Among the other authors are the likes of Tom Wolfe, F. Paul Paccult, David Wondrich and Jim Murray.

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