Michigan brewer now a busy distiller

From MLive.com

HOLLAND, MI -- Something new is brewing at the New Holland Brewing Co. The 14-year-old Michigan craft beer producer has started distilling malt whiskey, rum, vodka, gin and a new tequila-like drink called hopquila at its brewpub in downtown Holland.

"Right now, I'm a one-man distillery using a handmade, 60-gallon still the owner built," said chief distiller Dennis Downing (above right), who started in the business seven months ago after a 23-year career as a chemist. "We're small but our little still is turning out some very interesting craft spirits."

New Holland Brewery is one of 14 Michigan companies taking up the challenge of producing 80- to 110-proof distilled spirits since a change in the state law became effective in 2008.

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