PA legislator pushes broader beer sales

Buying alcoholic beverages in Pennsylvania can be a pain in the neck. So, State Sen. John C. Rafferty, R-Montgomery, wants to overhaul the state's beer laws.

Speaking at a rally attended by several hundred people at the Capitol building in Harrisburg today, Rafferty said, "This is about consumer choice. That's what we're trying to do by opening up the market."

Rafferty is pushing a bill that would allow beer distributors, supermarkets, convenience stores, and bars and taverns to sell everything from a six-pack to a case of beer. Presently, consumers are restricted to purchasing up to four six-packs only at distributors.

The bill also would require what Rafferty called "100% carding," under which consumers would always have to show identification when buying beer, no matter their age.

Establishments seeking a beer license would be required to pay a first-time $25,000 fee and an annual $2,500 renewal fee.

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