Midwest craft brewer debuts rye-on-rye

The Midwest's largest craft brewer has released the latest in its line of barrel-aged beers.

Boulevard Brewing Co. of Kansas City, MO, on Tuesday announced its Rye-on-Rye, the fourth in a series of limited release offerings in the Smokestack Series of artisanal beers.

The word "limited" is accurate, given that production is being limited to just 10,000 750ml bottles. It is expected to be on the market later this month.

The aging barrels were acquired last year from the Templeton Rye distillery. Two kinds of malted rye are used to make the beer, which then was aged for nearly a year in the rye barrels. It is being bottled at 11% alcohol by volume.

Boulevard Brewing's seasonal and year-round are available in 12 Midwestern states, with selected offerings sold in nine other states.

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