Colorado town getting another micro-brewery

Alaska once was regarded as the wild frontier of America where the entrepreneurial spirit could thrive. Colin and Shannon Westcott have reversed that trend.

When they moved to Fort Collins, CO, from Anchorage in 2005, they established Hops & Berries, a homebrew shop catering to beer and wine makers. But, that hasn't been enough for them.

Colin, who once was the head brewer at Kettlehouse Brewing Co. in Missoula, MT, is working on another project called the Equinox Brewing Co. It will operate next door to Hops & Berries at 125 Remington Street, with an April 1, 2010, target opening date. There already are several small breweries in the northern Colorado town, but Westcott plans less of a competitive venture than one that will continue to encourage homebrewers by supplying recipes with each beer it serves.

The plan is to serve British-style ales on six taps -- porter, India pale ale, red ale, golden ale and one more style to be decided.

The micro-brewery, which will not offer food, will work initially off a small production system that will brew 8½ barrels -- about 270 gallons -- at a time.

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