Cape Cod Beer expands again

As many brewers cut back in the face of an ongoing global economic malaise, Cape Cod Beer keeps growing.

Four new tanks were installled today at the Phinney's Lane facility in Hyannis, MA. The expansion is only natural since the brewery nearly ran out of supply in July and August.

This year, the brewery produced approximately 3,000 barrels -- about 744,000 pints -- of beer. The expansion will increase capacity by 45%, according to owners Todd and beth Marcus.

In the fall of 2006, Heavy tourism areas usually have their own food or drink that people remember year-round and can't wait to have during the next visit.

Cape Cod Beer opened in March 2006 with the motto "A Vacation In Every Pint." It almost immediately found demand outstripping supply. That fall, three new fermentation vessels were installed, doubling the facility's original production capacity.

The company, which distributes mostly in the immediate area, has added a third expression to its year-round line. Beach Blonde, a light-bodied ale, was added to Cape Cod Red and Cape Cod IPA in September.

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