Vermont beer czar living the dream

From the Rutland (VT) Herald

Kurt Staudter (right) can wax poetic about the color, the smell and the taste of beer. He knows the politics and history behind beer. But most of all, he just plain loves Vermont beer.

Staudter, 51, has his dream job: He is executive director of the Vermont Brewers Association, the group that represents Vermont's thriving craft breweries and brew pubs.

These days the Springfield resident is leading a push by brewers that mirrors the localvore (or locavore) movement, which urges people to eat food grown locally. Staudter said beer is the perfect Vermont product that will only get more perfectly Vermont in the coming years, as farmers explore the feasibility of growing hops and barley here and local breweries roll out higher-alcohol varieties in response to a change in state law.

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1 comment:

Hop Garden said...

Living the dream for sure. Local Craft breweries have been on the rise for over a decade proving the local phenomenon. Great news for farmers and local businesses.