Ale to the chief

The official White House photo of the Suds Summit.

So El Presidente decided to have the Cop and the Prof over to the White House for beers after he put his foot in his mouth over The Great Harvard Break-in Brouhaha, saying the cops "acted stupidly" well before he knew the particulars of what had transpired.

Perhaps getting opposing parties together for a drink will become part of his stimulus program -- stimulating peace on Earth, for example. Imagine all the bickering parties he could arm twist over a brew. Here are just a few that immediately spring to mind.

• Jon and Kate

• Kobe and Shaq

• Chris and Rihanna

• Bryce Dallas Howard and Rachelle Lefevre

• Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

• Plaxico Burress and Robert Morgenthau

• Sarah Palin and Reality

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