Philippines beer fest claims world records

More than 15,000 people attended the annual Oktoberfest that began in Manila, The Philippines, last Friday.

While that beat the arrival of October by 25 days, it was intentional scheduling to create a 120-day Oktoberfest to be held in several major cities rather than the traditional 16-day event. That may not be a record in itself, but the event's organizers are claiming a pair of world records:

• The longest bar.
• The largest toast.

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the length of San Miguel Avenue in Mandaluyong City was blocked off and lined with steel sheets to form a bar 603.5 meters long. The existing Guinness Book of World Records record is 220 meters, set in Taiwan.

The current record of 13,000 guests toasting with a glass of beer is held by las Vegas. The Manila event got 15,000 to do the same.

Now what's left in the process if to have an independent third party, usually Guinness, check and verify the statistics.

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