Letters: Can I get Palestinian beer here?

Mr. Dowd:

Do you know if Taybeh Beer from Palestine is available from any distributors in the U.S.?

Thanks, Steve Beikirch


I contacted the company, which began brewing in 1999, and was told that although there are no U.S. distributors right now, Taybeh hopes to eventually enter the U.S. market.

The company is run by Nadim Khoury, a native of Palestine who lived for many years in Boston. Thus, he knows a bit about the American consumer market.

Taybeh, which has a line of three bottled beers plus a draft version, is named for the village in which it is brewed; the name means "delicious" in Arabic.

However, given the volatile political climate in Palestine, as well as the usual red tape getting approval to distribute an alcoholic beverage, I'd be hopeful but not expect any immediate results as far as expanding distribution here.

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