Aussie brew seeks more U.S. acceptance

Always assuming there can't be too many brands on the market, another Australian brewer is putting new effort to push its beers in the U.S. where just 85,000 cases of them are sold annually.

The current target: New York City.

Coopers Brewery's export manager Terry Minkin has moved to the Big Apple to begin pushing his line. Why there?

"In the five boroughs of New York there are 63,000 liquor licences," he said.

Coopers is, of course, not totally new to the U.S. It has been sold here for 25 years and is available in every state, with New York, California, Texas and Illinois its top sellers. But, in a ridiculously competitive field, "We're about a mile wide, but an inch deep," says Glenn Cooper, company chairman and marketing director. "Not enough people know that we are there."

So, if you begin seeing more mentions of Coopers, you'll know the push has come to your town.

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