Sam Adams beer recalled

Check the code on the bottom of your Samuel Adams beer before you chug.

The Boston Beer Co. has recalled some bottles because they could be contaminated with pieces of glass. It says its inspectors found a problem with 12-ounce bottles at the Cincinnati brewery, however it said there have been no reports of injury.

The serial code is the letter "N" followed by the number 35 and the letters "OI."

Owens-Illinois Inc. has gotten involved in the recall, pulling back the glass involved because of alleged defects in the bottles.

O-I said its investigation found the bottles met its usual standards, but it said it would continue the look into the probelm. The bottles are believed to come from from O-I's Auburn, NY, plant, which supplies about 25% of Boston Beer’s bottles.

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1 comment:

Rob said...

I don't mind a little sediment at the bottom of my bottle, but I'd prefer not to find anything crunchy.