Extreme beers getting really ... extreme

"Extreme" craft beers are popping up all over the place.

Some have higher alcohol content than the mainstream. Some have unusual ingredients. All have a lot of attitude.

Think not? How about beers aged in toasted oak barrels? Beers cointaining Jim Beam bourbon? Or blueberries? Or adorned with unrepentently cringe-making names?

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has an update on the trend here.

In it, says writer Jeremiah McWilliams:

"Like genius, extreme beers defy easy classification, but you know them when you see them: barley wines ranging above 10 percent alcohol by volume, ultra-hopped ales and wood-aged beers — the traditional turf of wine and whiskey. Although "extreme" beers often have been linked to strong alcohol content, brewers say the label also applies to offbeat ingredients and zany brewing and aging processes."

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