Heineken BeerTender finally hits the U.S.

Photo courtesy of Heineken

Well, today is the day.

Some time ago I posted information on the Heineken BeerTender some people were anxiously waiting for to hit the U.S. consumer market.

It did. Today. Online at BeerTender.com and in Williams-Sonoma stores at a suggested retail price of $400. That will drop to about $299 on April 1 when the device will become more widely available.

The BeerTender is a special home tap setup that holds four-liter Heineken DraughtKegs and dispenses via the tap. The BeerTenders come with a five-pack of special tubes for the non-BeerTender-compatible DraughtKegs. You also can get them online.

The Dutch brewer says it will modify its Heineken and Heineken Light DraughtKegs with the larger pressure container to make them compatible with the new device.

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