Another 'green' brewery, another way

OK, I promise this is The Last One.

I've been reporting on breweries in the U.S. and U.K. going "green" (here, here and here).

Now comes word from Australia that the Fosters brewery making Cascade Green beer is following the same path but doing it by dint of paperwork.

The company says all the greenhouse gases produced through the life of a Cascade Green, from the picking of the hops to the empty bottle landing in the recycling bin, have been offset by purchasing certified carbon offsets from the government--accredited Hobart Landfill Flare Facility, which captures and recycles gases, on the island of Tasmania, where the Fosters-owned Cascade brewery is based.

Ben Summons, Cascade Green's marketing manager, said all of the carbon offset costs of the new beer will be absorbed by the company and will not be passed on to consumers.

The beer, which is also low carbohydrate and is classified as a "premium" beer, will sell for $17 US for a six-pack of 330ml bottles.

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