Specialty beer part of a shell game

Beer and seafood usually go well together, but I'm not sure I'd enjoy the special beverage brewed up for a scallop festival in Kent, England.

The beer, called Scallop Stout, is shellfish flavored.

Stewart Martin, representing the Shepherd Neame brewery, the nation's oldest, said, "There's a hint of smokiness and a slight taste of the sea, but no fishiness."

The 3.7 per cent Guinness-like stout is made using traditional methods. The extra kick comes from a handful of scallops thrown in for an hour.

Shepherd Neame was founded in 1698 in Faversham. It has a wide range of beer brands that do not include seafood, including Spitfire, Kingsfisher and Bishops Finger and the UK run of foreign brands such as Samuel Adams, Asahi and Oranjeboom.

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