Ta da! The best of the beer flicks

The American Film Institute might cringe at this one, but the Miami Poetry Review has come up with its list of "The 10 Best Beer Movies Of All Time."

The catalyst for making the list is the current motion picture release of "Beerfest" which, says the Miami Poetry Review, "pays tributes to stupidity and the American pastime of over-drinking."

The AFI, by the way, is the organization of cimena buffs continually coming up with the 100 best love scenes, 100 best musicals, 100 funniest moments, etc.

Here's the MPR's beer film list:

1. "The Fatal Glass of Beer"
2. "Three Little Beers"
3. "The Lost Weekend"
4. "Leaving Las vegas"
5. "National Lampoon's Animal House"
6. "Blue Velvet"
7. "Smokey and The Bandit"
8. "Beer"
9. "American Beer"
10. "Sideways"

Some of these you may not have heard of (the winning film, with a still photo above showing start W.C. Fields, is from 1933). Some you may think are about something else ("Sideways" being known as a wine movie). I'll leave it up to the wags at the Miami Poetry Review to give you their reasoning.

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Lapper said...

Wow, nice blog. Keep on posting!


Anonymous said...

I like every old Western where cowboys walked in after a hard trail ride and gulped down a beer.