Real McCoy nanobrewery wants to expand seating, hours

The old adage advises "Don't build a big church just for the Easter crowd." So, do you expand the seating capacity of a nanobrewery when  you're open only once a week?

Yes, but The Real McCoy brewery, located on Hallwood Road behind the Delmar Post Office, plans to add a deck for outdoor seating and to expand its hours in the process.

Back in May, owner Michael Bellini Tweeted, "I've been focused on some additional upgrades and additions which will allow for more regular hours, more beer and more beer as well as more beer." Now, he is being more specific.

Bellini has submitted his plans to the Town of Bethlehem to construct a 256-square-foot wooden deck along one side of the brewery building. The project would include a redoing of the parking area, and the addition of some landscaping.

Currently, The Real McCoy is open only from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. However, Bellini told the town, "It is my intention to add additional days and hours of operation if the site plan application is approved."

He also hopes to host food trucks at the site, a commonplace practice at many microbreweries and small wineries.

The site also is home to the Royal Meadery. The property owner of both buildings is local resident John Borst.
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