Rip Van Winkle debuts 3 brews, prepping 1 more

The Catskill brewery Rip Van Winkle Brewing has an ambitious lineup of just-released beers as well as something more in the works through the winter.

Industry veteran Colin Coan, who became head brewer/director of production in March, tells me he also has "a Belgian-style dubbel that is on the brew deck and should be pouring towards the end of March." Here's how he describes his three recent releases (you can see the full beer menu here).

Otis Red Wheated Holiday Ale (6% 28 IBU)

"This ale has been brewed to celebrate the cold, blustery and hearty Catskill -- or Hudson Valley -- winter season. Local Hudson Valley malt was employed with a handful of specialty malts to create a smooth, malty and toasty brew that is balanced by the solid hop additions of Apollo, Amarillo, Zythos and Cascade."

The Haymaker (5.8% 25 IBU)

"The next installment of our ever-evolving Catskill Black Beer Series. It's a Belgian-styled stout that is ink black in color from the roasted/kilned malts. The addition of rolled oats and crystal malts helps create a silky mouthfeel that is rounded off with a subtle spicy yeast note and traditional English hops."

ESB (6% 30 IBU)

"A traditional style bitter with a smooth malt body balanced with Fuggle and Goldings hops."

The brewery is part of Angela's Italian Bistro & Brewery, 4545 NY Route 32, in Catskill. Phone: 678-9275.

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