NYC brewers get tax breaks for the new year

Now that we're in the new year, it seems a good time to remind anyone interested in, or affected by, such things that a special tax break for New York City craft brewers went into effect this week.

Back in September, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation authorizing craft breweries in the five boroughs to receive tax credits for every gallon they brew up to 15 million gallons a year.

City brewers who produce fewer than 60 million gallons a year can receive a 12 cents-per-gallon credit on their city taxes for the first half-million gallons they produce and 3.86 cents per gallon credit on the next 15 million gallons produced.

There are 29 breweries are operating in the city, 23 more than just five years ago, further proof of the continuation of a statewide boom in craft brewing.
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