Feds redefine cider regulations to aid producers

Going into the new year, the federal government did not ignore the burgeoning U.S. cider industry.

An amendment to the Internal Revenue Service Code (26 USC Section 5041) was part of the year-end tax extenders bill, and modifies the definition of hard cider.

Passage of the legislation on December 18 makes small cider producers more competitive in the market by giving them increased flexibility in production and ingredients and brings the U.S.'s cider definition into line with international standards for alcohol by volume, carbonation, and allowable recipes.

“This legislation represents a huge step forward for cider makers throughout the nation ,” said Mike Beck, president of the United States Association of Cider Makers (USACM) and owner of Uncle John’s Hard Cider Company in St. Johns, MI. “ We are excited for the positive impact it will have on the U.S. cider industry, which is growing rapidly and creating small manufacturing and agricultural jobs across the country.”

The USACM is an organization of domestic cider and perry producers that gathers and shares information about cider production, regulations, and apple growing to help members improve their operations, raise awareness, and advance cider in the market.
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