Stronger beer on tap in Tennessee for 2017

This was the logo for the ABV-hike push.
On New Year's Day, some of the beer sold in Tennessee will be a bit stronger when a revision to state law finally goes into effect.

Tennessee brewers will be able to make higher alcohol content beers without a specialty license currently required. What that means is a new alcohol by volume (ABV) limit of about 10.1% compared to the current 6.2%. The new law also will allow grocery and convenience stores to sell high-alcohol beers now available only in liquor stores and restaurants/bars with a liquor license.

The bill -- which actually was passed by the state legislature in 2014 but had a waiting period -- is seen as a major advance for the state’s flourishing craft beer industry. Tennessee ranks No. 23 nationally in the number of craft breweries, compared to its No. 27 ranking one year ago. Proponents of the revised law had argued for it by saying current law inhibited growth.

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