Sixpoint tap takeover at Il Faro in Menands

A Brooklyn accent will be quite noticeable Friday night at Il Faro Restaurant & Bar in Menands.

That's when the Sixpoint Brewery will present a tap takeover from 5 to 8 p.m. The Brooklyn brewer will be offering single glasses as well as flights of its beers.

Sixpoint has become a media darling in the New York City metro area since its founding in 2004. It has a rather involved statement of philosophy on its website. Here is just one part of it:

"Trying to recreate a classical style is like an archer trying to hit the bullseye on a stationary target. But Sixpoint does not practice traditional archery -- we practice horseback archery. This means we aim and release while in motion, and we are aiming at a target that might be moving as well. Over time tastes change, and our knowledge and perception as brewers change too. So as we move through time galloping on horseback, we adjust for all of the variables to find the perfect trajectory ..."

Il Faro is located at  698 North Pearl Street. Phone: 463-2208. It opened a little over a year ago at the former location of The Other Company by a pair of ex-New York City residents, chef Chris Lofaro and general manager Jessica Lamoreaux.

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