Chatham Brewing rings in with Noel's Belles ale

If you're ever feeling bored and want to read something that peps you up, try taking a look at recipes from craft breweries. I swear even a first-rate restaurant chef would have a hard time coming up with some of the combinations that take basic brews to other places.

The latest example of one that caught my eye is something that Chatham Brewing came up with for the holidays, called Noel's Belles, and released Thursday. It's a barrel-aged Dubbel -- Ghent Bhent aged with tart cherries in toasted oak barrels. It rings in at 8.5% ABV.

In addition to being available at Chatham Brewing's 59 Main Street venue in Chatham, Columbia County, the very limited product also is available at Grand Cru Beer & Cheese Market, Quinn's, Craft Beer Cellar, Beer World, Half Time, Dyadr, Slidin' Dirty Restaurant and Food Truck, Savoy Taproom, The Ruck, Shindig, The City Beer Hall, Century House, The Barrelhouse, and The Sports Grill of East Greenbush.

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