Bon Appétit: New Columbia Co. brewery 'most impressive'

Suarez Family Brewery (Facebook photo)
Bon Appétit magazine usually is thought of more for its stories on food than drink, but it doesn't ignore beverages. It just posted something called "The Year In Beer," and in it anointed a Columbia County brewery "2016's Most Impressive New Brewery."

The brewery is the little Suarez Family Brewery in the wilds of Livingston, about nine miles south of Hudson. You can read the entire story here, but I liked the first few paragraphs so much I want to share them now:
"In 2016 your brother’s college roommate started a brewery. Your next door neighbor’s cousin started a brewery. The pharmacist who used to fill your prescriptions at CVS started one. Same with the dude who sliced your deli meat. Everyone started a brewery this year, and we all drank a lot of beer.

"We’ve surpassed the pre-Prohibition number of breweries, when every town had a local brewer. There are more breweries in the U.S. than there have ever been before -- 5,005 as of December 1. And, 850 breweries opened in total this year, according to the Brewers Association. More than two breweries opened per day."

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