Ausable Brewing awarded state expansion grant

A fair weather scene
The Ausable Brewing Company on Friday closed up for the season. What that means for locals is no access to the 11 beer and two soft drink taps, no food truck meals, and one less place to hang around until warm weather returns in May.

It does not mean, however, nothing will be going on at the Essex County venue. Co-founders and brothers Dan and Dylan Badger will continue working on plans for a brewery expansion, upgrade of the water and brewing systems, and the purchase of a few items of equipment.

All that is being made possible by a $43,000 state economic development grant from a pool of more than $80 million parceled out this year to hundreds of businesses and organizations around the state to encourage job creation and business expansion.

Ausable Brewing, which opened on September 1, 2014, produces a line of small-batch beers and sodas, emphasizing local ingredients It is located at 765 Mace Chasm Road in Keeseville, about a 2 1/2-hour drive north of Saratoga Springs. Phone: 900-2739.

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