Ancient Irish brewer comes to Buffalo

A red Irish ale
Who knows if it eventually will hit the Capital Region market, but the ancient Irish brewer Sullivan’s Brewing Co. has made its U.S. debut in the Buffalo market.

While the formal announcement was made today, its Maltings Irish Ale already had begun selling at a number of bars and restaurants in the Buffalo area.

Sullivan’s is one of Ireland’s oldest breweries, with roots dating back 314 years in its home town of Kilkenny. Its Maltings Irish Ale is a ruby-tinted classic beer and has such ingredients as Kilkenny water, four malts, three hops and a cask ale yeast.

Why did the company choose Buffalo as its initial U.S. market? As managing director Alan Quane said in a statement, "When thinking about the ideal American city to debut our Maltings Irish Ale, Buffalo quickly rose the ranks as the perfect audience and location. The region is a great fit and known for its hardworking, beer-appreciating, sports loving, grounded people, much like Kilkenny itself.”

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