Scottish craft brewer making an unusual offer

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-1-27-21-pmOK, you people with an entreprenuerial spirit. How would you like to become the proprietor of a "beer mecca, hop temple and cathedral of malt"?

That's the offer from the Scottish craft brewer and pub chain BrewDog, a company that will enter the U.S. market next year in Columbus, OH, accompanied by a promise to open a BrewDog BrewPub in any American city where at least 500 people invest in its crowdfunding offering, called Equity For Punks USA. Brewing will be done on-site at each location.

“Our BrewDog bars are beer meccas, hop temples and cathedrals of malt," said CEO James Watt. "We strive to spread the word about awesome craft beer in our bars, embracing the local beer scene and providing a platform for the world’s best beers to be enjoyed in an inimitable setting."

Every investor of at least $95 will receive equity shares in the company, as well as other incentives. Details are available online, along wit a video about the venture.

Although the Ohio location will be the first in the U.S., BrewDog already is an international venture with locations in London, Rome, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, and Hong Kong as well as its native Scotland.

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