Cuomo OKs aid to 'home' brewing

regulation-iconAlthough Governor Andrew Cuomo has many detractors in many segments of the state, if you ask people involved in the adult beverage industries they are likely to want him to become governor for life.

Cuomo has been instrumental in the rapid and continuing growth of the wine, beer, spirits and cider segments, through a series of informational summits and regulatory changes that have changed the landscape of business through elimination of red tape and antiquated rules involving creation, production and sales of such products.

His latest action came on Monday when he signed into law a bill from the State Legislature to help expand what his office terms "recreational" or "homebrew" production of beer, wine and cider in New York State. It does not involve the creation of liquor.

The bill (S.1227B/A1100B) allows for the creation and operation of custom beer, wine, and cider production centers that will rent space and equipment to those looking to produce beer, wine, or cider for home consumption. The State Liquor Authority (SLA) will regulate the centers.

"The craft beverage industry has taken this state by storm, and more and more New Yorkers want to try their hand at making the next great Empire State beer, wine, or cider," Cuomo said. "This new law builds upon this increased interest, supports local agriculture, and breaks down artificial barriers to allow innovation and creativity to flow."

The new law was spurred by the fact that both urban and suburban residents often cannot afford or do not have access to the appropriate space or equipment to make homemade beer, cider, or wine in their homes or apartments. "These custom production centers not only provide space and lower the overhead costs of production, but they also provide amateur brewers and wine and cider makers with the local ingredients and expert training needed when first starting out," the announcement said.

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