Crop density affects apple juice, hard cider quality

A high-density crop
From Phys.Org
Domestic cider consumption increased more than 850% in the past five years in the U.S., with more than 550 cider producers in the country.

The authors of a study published in HortScience say that more information about how orchard management decisions impact cider quality can help orchard managers improve cider they produce from culinary apples.

Cornell University's Gregory Peck, the study's corresponding author, along with [others] carried out field experiments to assess the impact of three different crop load densities on apple fruit and cider quality. ...

"The vast majority of cider produced in the United States is made from apple cultivars that were originally planted for fresh or processing markets," he said, noting that culinary apples lack some of the fruit quality characteristics favored by cider producers..
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