Mr. Beer home brewing kits add 12 new versions

Screen shot 2016-09-04 at 3.07.48 PMThere certainly is no shortage of beer choices, whether from Big Brewers or the still-climbing number of craft breweries. And, for those with an interest in producing their own, in the Capital Region alone we have such helpful sources as the Homebrew Emporium, Hammersmith Home Brew Supplies, and Saratoga Zymurgist.

But, have you heard of Mr. Beer? The homebrew-kit company has been around since 1993, sometimes flying a bit under the radar but steadily increasing its offerings. Its latest: 12 new craft beer kits featuring the six most popular craft beer styles in "complete" and "starter" kit versions.

The intention with the new kits, according to Pat Bridges, head of sales and marketing, is to "allow craft beer fans to take brewing into their own hands, to find a deeper appreciation for the flavors they enjoy from their favorite craft breweries." He also notes that the kits allow for shorter time to consumption, less required startup know-how, and less odor in the home.

They are available with either Bewitched Amber Ale, American Lager, Northwest Pale Ale, Diablo IPA, Long Play IPA, or Churchills Nut Brown Ale inside. They range from $44.95 to $64.95, depending on the beer and whether they are complete (carbonation drops, bottles, caps and labels for bottling) or starter (only brewing essentials) versions. Each kit makes roughly 22 beers of 12 fl. oz or roughly 11 beers at 25 fl. oz. You can get a look at them by going here.

The company also offers kits for making cider, hard root beer, and non-alcoholic root beer kits intended for young brewers.

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