Shmaltz goes where no brewer has gone before

Captain Kirk  in 'The Trouble With Tribbles'
If you know the answer to the question, “Who put the Tribbles in the quadro-Triticale,” you might be a trekkie.

That was the central question in the iconic “The Trouble With Tribbles” episode in the second season of the original “Star Trek” TV series, in which the fuzzy little creatures got into a grain supply that was critical to feeding an entire planet.

While there is such a thing as Triticale — it’s a hybrid of wheat (Triticum) and rye (Secale) first bred during the late 19th Century in Scotland and Sweden, the “quadro” part of the name was made up for the TV show.

I dredge up all this trivia because a new ale brewed with Triticale (the real stuff) is being released in honor of the 50th anniversary of the original “Star Trek.” It’s called, predictably, “Star Trek Golden Anniversary Ale -– The Trouble With Tribbles.” It’s a product of the always-imaginative folks at Shmaltz Brewing Company in Clifton Park. According to their tongue-in-mug description of the American Blonde Ale (5% abv):

The official label
“The Triticale should contribute flavor more distinct than wheat but less spicy than rye. Light Carastan malt will give some residual sweetness in the form of very light toffee. A dose of Munich will add a slight bready quality. Wheat malt will add a slight crisp character. Mashing at a moderate temperature will give this beer a medium body. In keeping with the intergalactic theme, hopping will be comprised of Comet, Galaxy, Polaris, Aurora and Admiral (Kirk) hops. Admiral and Comet will be used in the boil. Galaxy, Polaris and Aurora will be used as flavor hops contributing floral, mint, pine and tropical fruit flavors.”

Star Trek Golden Anniversary Ale will be available to trekkies and others attending the “San Diego Comic-Con” later this month where the new film “Star Trek Beyond” will debut, at the “Star Trek Las Vegas” convention in August, and at “select stores” in various places.

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