Table-top beer taps a growing trend

One of several types of table taps.
From Nation's Restaurant News

Personal beer taps installed at restaurant tables not only brew up excitement for guests, but they also are helping boost beer tabs, operators say.

In addition, the pay-per-ounce dispensers encourage guests to linger longer rather than bar-hop, while allowing managers to monitor guests’ drinking and remain compliant with liquor laws.

Rob McGovern, general manager of Park Avenue Tavern in New York, said the restaurant’s six booths equipped with table taps make the operation’s lower level a popular private-party space and after-work spot.

“People really like the novelty,” he said. “They’re pretty wide-eyed when they see it.”
... Much of the activity in pay-per-ounce alcohol technology centers on on-table beer taps at casual restaurants. 
According to advocacy group The Beer Institute, beer sales at restaurants rose 9% in 2011 to $23.6 billion, accounting for about 24% of total beer sales in the United States.

At Park Avenue Tavern, the 50-cents-per-ounce price gives the restaurant a premium -- a pint of beer suddenly costs $8 -- and helps cut down on waste, McGovern said.

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