Tweeting office beer machine a hit

Ordering a beer from Arnie.
BOSTON -- The advertising agency Arnold Worldwide has an employee perk a lot of people would like to have in their workplace.

It's called Barnold, an in-house bar where employees can socialize and share ideas.

Recently, several employees decided to build on that idea by creating a beer vending machine stocked with agency-brewed and -themed beers that staffers 21 and older can access with a swipe of their key fobs.

They call the machine Arnie, and have given him a touchscreen interface, temperature awareness and a Soundtube speaker.

Arnie also talks, addressing the user by name recognized when the key fob swipe is made. Arnie's touchscreen also handles Twitter communication -- Arnie can tweet you -- and data such as how much beer was consumed each day of the week.

In addition, there’s an "Alepedia" that provides information about six different beers the agency has created, including Arnold Pilsner. According to a spokesperson, the agency "also has experimented with a variety of ale styles, and will be able to brew beer styles specific to seasons, events, people and even clients."

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