Worst NFL beer price: Redskins' FedEx Field

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Prices on most things always go up, but at National Football League stadiums this season, the hike hasn't been too bad.

SaveOnBrew.Com has just released its 2011 beer price findings for all 31 NFL stadiums. The average increase across all teams was just 4%. However, as the website notes, when prices start at $5 for a 16-ounce serving, any increase hurts.

Here's the rest of the report:

"The lowest price to grab a cup of suds was at a Cleveland Browns home game ($5) while the stadium that commands the most expensive brew was Edward Jones Dome, home of the St. Louis Rams, at $9 per 20-ounce serving.

"It's not all bad news, though. Three stadiums actually serve beer for less this year than last. You'll save a few pennies while watching an Atlanta, Kansas City, and Oakland home game.

"While nine bucks per 20-ounce serving in St. Louis is pretty shocking (that works out to 45 cents per ounce), it's not the worst deal in the league. That badge falls squarely on the wide shoulders of FedEx Field, home of the the Washington Redskins, who serve 12 ounces for $7. That's 58 cents per ounce.

"To put that in perspective, at 58 cents per ounce, a six pack would set you back $42."

Here's the chart.

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JT said...

The worst part about the Redskins’ beer is that after you buy it, it suddenly turns warm and flat and then you have to trade it to the guy next to you for half a cup of Coke and a stale pretzel.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist the Dan Snyder joke.)

DS said...

Wonder if they charge the same for college games there?? going to MD/ND game in 3 weeks.