'Craft Beer Exchange' at convenience stores

Fill 'er up, please.
From Convenience Store News

BUFFALO, NY -- Sunoco Inc. has tapped 12 of its APlus convenience stores in western New York State to test its pilot program, the Craft Beer Exchange.

Under the new program, "beer-filling stations" were installed at convenience stores that are allowed to sell draft beer in growlers (glass jugs that are typically 64 ounces), according to a report on CNBC.com.

"Buffalo is a good testing location because there is a critical mass of Sunoco retail locations," spokesman Thomas Golembeski explained. "There is a large beer-loving community and a strong group of microbreweries in the area."

Now in the second month of a three-month test phase, Sunoco is working with area beer distributors to choose the beers on tap and will seek customer feedback through suggestion boxes and customer service representatives. In addition, Sunoco APlus employees visited a local distributor to train on safety and sanitation, and also went to Plying Bison Brewery to practice filling jugs, the news outlet reported.

"The feedback has been very positive," Golembeski said. "During the first month, it has been a success just by word-of-mouth alone. It's very clear there is an interest in it."

Sunoco operates more than 600 APlus convenience stores in 24 states along the East Coast and as far west as Ohio.

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