Rheingold on trail of ex-New Yorkers

A vintage ad, with a popular actress of the day.
As a kid on Long Island, one of my favorite neighbors was my next-door neighbor, Marty. He was a burly, red-faced, Irishman who drove a delivery truck for Rheingold, a New York City beer company.

Marty was the kind of guy who could scare away wiseguys with a scary scowl, or make us laugh with one of his jokes.

He also owned the first power mower on the block and, when I was sweating while pushing our rusty old hand mower, somehow managed to "over-mow" his property and cut my work in half.

Marty is long gone, and Rheingold as a brand faded away as well. However, last year the beverage developer/marketer Drinks Americas Holdings Ltd. relaunched Rheingold and it now is sold in 12 states and is expanding distribution rapidly.

Its latest market is Florida, home to a lot of transplanted New Yorkers.

"It is a great milestone to be selling Rheingold ... throughout Florida," said Joe Belli, Rheingold's national sales manager. "The great taste of Rheingold, New York's Beer, is now available in a state where many transplanted New Yorkers live who are very familiar with the beer's great history."

Rheingold is available in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles and 12-pack cans.

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