Q: What's smaller than a micro-brewery?

We knew of large commercial breweries, then small commercial breweries, then even-smaller ones called craft breweries, and even-smaller ones called micro-breweries. But, nano-breweries?

Says Ethan Cox, co-owner and co-founder of the Community Beer Works in Buffalo, NY, which describes itself as a nano facility:

“There’s not a definitive answer for what a nanobrewery is, just that it’s smaller. We’re going to be putting out 1.5 barrel batches, or about 47 gallons, which is really small. Most guys in the industry have agreed, if you’re three barrels or less, you’re pretty much nano, but even that’s a wide range. You have guys rocking the same system they were home brewers on; they’ve just applied for license.”

He was quoted in an interview by Julia Burke, beer editor of the online New York Cork Report, reporting on the new phenomenon. You can get the full story here.

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