NY brewer targets VT's Magic Hat

Vermont's largest craft brewer may become a New York-owned entity.

Several industry sources say a deal for the ownership of Magic Hat Brewing Company to be taken on by North American Breweries of Rochester should be completed in the next few days. North American makes Genesee beer.

Magic Hat CEO Alan Newman had no comment. His company was founded in Burlington, VT, in 1994 and has become a popular craft brew, particularly throughout the Northeast, although its products are sold in 26 states.

Speaking to WCAX.com, Steve Miller of the Vermont Brewers Association, said, "Magic Hat has always had a great presence in the industry. Alan Newman, the founder, has always been an incredible industry leader, has always worked well with the Association, and we really hope if this transaction is completed, that we'll see that same kind of leadership and quality from the new owners."

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