Minnesota's basement brewers can rejoice

Right now, it is illegal in Minnesota to make or bottle beverages in basements.

However, on Monday the state House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill Monday that would allow brewing beverages commercially in the basements of buildings.

The bill was introduced by Rep. Mindy Greiling, who called the present law obsolete, probably stemming from Prohibiton days.

She said the bill came about when a constituent who was trying to lease out a space told a potential tenant it was prohibited to brew even tea in the kitchen basement of the building. That ended the potential deal.

As in most states, it already is legal in Minnesota for home brewers to brew beer for personal use.

For a look at how creative such basement brewers can be, go to the Northern Brewer forum for some examples. The image above is one of the setups, submitted by a Westchester County, NY, homebrewer.

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