Brooklyn Brewery gets boost from state

A New York State economic development grant to the Brooklyn Brewery will result in a lot more of its beer hitting the market.

The current output of 8,000 barrels a year is expected to rise to as much as 50,000.

The $800,000 grant will be used as part of a planned $6.5 million project in Brooklyn's Williamsburg section. The company plans to convert 13,500 square feet of now-vacant distribution space into a beer fermentation facility. In addition, despite the high-priced real estate in the neighborhood, the continuing financial climate has driven lease prices down and the brewery just signed a 15-year lease .

Steve Hindy, brewery founder, told The New York Times, “When the recession hit in, like, August or September last year, all of a sudden the landlords here in Williamsburg were looking much more favorably on us as a long-term tenant."

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