Sacramento brewer cuts it short

When Peter Hoey, brewmaster at the Sacramento (CA) Brewing Company, decided to close the doors on the establishment, he didn't linger over his goodbyes.

A sign posted on the door read simply: "Closed Due to the Economy."

And, on his blog, he posted this brief message: "I'll keep this blog short. Just wanted to thank everyone for all their support over the last 15 years. Some amazing friends have been made and great times have been had at Sacramento Brewing. As of today, we have closed the doors for good. PLEASE support your local breweries, the numbers are dwindling in Sacramento as we have lost three breweries in the last year alone and not for lack of quality. We have multiple Great American Beer Festival award winning breweries making world class beer right in your back yard, please think of them the next time you are buying beer at the grocery store or deciding where to have a pint."

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