Oregon brewer fighting EPA water rules

From KPTV.com

PORTLAND, OR -- A popular local brewery is urging the city to fight against federal government water quality standards because the regulation will affect the taste of beer.

The Widmer Brothers Brewery is leading the filtration order fight. City officials said the water from the Bull Run reservoirs is perfectly clean and free of the intestinal parasite that the Environmental Protection Agency requires all municipal water systems to filter out.The city's argument, bolstered by the beer-brewing Widmer brothers, is that the city's water supply is safe just the way it is and has been for more than a century.

Portland is home to more breweries and sells more draft beer per person than any city in North America.

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1 comment:

Ehsan said...

HAHA gotta love the taste of those beers.
But seriousley I don't think people should fight against a better quality water just because the beer is going to tatse differently.