Anchorage brewer doubling size

Alaskans hankering for a bottle of beer from the Midnight Sun Brewing Co. might find it easier to satisfy before long.

The Anchorage brewer is building a new location in the city after 14 years in the original spot on Arctic Boulevard. The new facility is on Dimond Hook Drive.

It will be a 10,000-square foot facility, more than double the size of the present brewery, which will enable Midnight Sun to increases potential brewing capacity from 2,500 to 10,000 barrels a year.

The hew facility also will have a to-go bar on the first floor for customers to buy and fill growlers. In addition, a 36-seat loft will feature 18 taps, four of them for house-brewed sodas such as root beer and sparkling lemonade. Eventually, a kitchen will be added to offer food.

The to-go bar and loft will be opened this month.

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