Caybrew finally hitting U.S. shores

Anyone who has traveled in the Caribbean and enjoyed Caybrew beer may have been disappointed they couldn't buy it in the U.S.

That problem now has been taken care of. The Cayman Islands Brewery (CIB), the only commercial brewery in the Caymans, has reached export and distribution agreements with a Florida company.

“We have had very positive feedback from initial test marketing ... and we expect the brand to do very well in selected niche markets,” says CEO Allen Chu Fook.

Caybrew has only been on the market since 2007. The first shipment to Tampa is expected to be on store shelves next month.

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1 comment:

Fritz Hofmeister said...

4Palms is proud to be importing Caybrew in the US. Florida will be the inital launch market but soon we'll start working with distributers nationwide. We will also begin posting a list of establishments serving Caybrew at www.4PalmsImporting.com soon. Or feel free to contact me at Fritz@4PalmsImporting.com or 813-477-6907.

Thanks for the support.
Hope you 'Dive Into a Caybrew' very soon!

Fritz Hofmeister
4Palms, LLC