Texas microbrewers seek six-pack sales OK

Texas is the latest battleground for the matter of expanding sales of alcoholic beverages.

A group of eight microbreweries is pushing for a change in law to allow them to sell six-packs to go. They contend such approval might inspire follow-up sales at supermarkets and liquor stores.

According to the Forth Worth Star-Telegram, a proposal sponsored by Rep. Lon Burnam, D-Fort Worth, would permit sales of beer at the brewery. A compromise bill by Rep. Jessica Ferrar, D-Houston, would allow visitors to receive up to 48 12-ounce bottles to go, but only with the purchase of a tour package.

Burnam, says the newspaper, said his bill would allow "small family-owned businesses ... to compete with the large out-of-state companies that currently dominate the Texas beer market. It’s about fairness and about putting what’s best for Texas beer drinkers ahead of what’s best for out-of-state interests."

Both proposals are in committee, but only Ferrar’s Texas Microbrewery Free Trade Bill has gotten a hearing.

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